21/09/2024 –  BETTEMBOURG – more infos soon

22/09/2024 – ESCH-SUR-ALZETTE – more infos soon

About us

We’re a group of luxembourgish cycling enthusiasts with an experience of over 9 years of organizing second-hand bicycle markets.

Why do we do this? We obviously love cycling and we’d like to promote it. Buying a second-hand bike is good for the planet, for your wallet and, of course, even a used bike is still good for your health and for your mood!

With more than 25 markets organized and over 1000 second-hand bicycles sold, you can be sure that you can find a new home for your old bike or find a new bike for your old home!

Our aim is to make the buying and the selling of second-hand bicycles as easy as possible! As a seller, you just register yourself for the event, and you drop-off your bike at the day of the event. We take care of the selling of your bike and you can enjoy your day.

Oup past Event(s) 2023 & 2024

  • 11/03/2023 & 16/09/2023 – Bike & Ride Roeser
  • 17/09/2023 – Bike & Ride Esch-sur-Alzette
  • 16/03/2024 -Bike & Ride Roeser